Extremely easy to do! I was surprised at how fast my 6 years old learned to do it on his own. And it came out looking fantastic too! This product …


First time we got a glitter tattoo was at the mall. Then we bought this kit online and it’s easier and even more economical! Bunch of girlfriends went out to …


I thought that only my girl will like the glitter tattoo but I was wrong. My boy was very excited to get one as well. Great for boys and girls …


I purchased the glitz kit. Overall this is a very good purchase. The glitter containers are large as promised so you can create lots of tattoos. The instructions are easy …


I got my order within 2 days of placing it. I was surprised how fast it was. I did have a question about the safety of the product and I …


I purchased several different kits to have for my son’s birthday party. We ran out of stencils pretty fast on this kit because the kids loved the designs. They got …


Even though price is low and shipping was free – this is an awesome product. I think that I saw this same product sold at the store for $30 delivery …


Great purchase! First we got the one on TV. Then we tried the glitz kit. It is a little more expensive but it’s much much bigger so it’s definitely worth …


We were at a party that had a glitter tattoo station and my kids really wanted to have it. It lasts very well even after showers. I found this kit …


I wish we saw this product online before we bought a cheaper kit from a TV commercial. The quality of lil diva is by far higher than the one we …


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Glitter tattoo kits by GlitZGlam BodyArt.com , your one-stop-shop to body art that glitters! We LOVE glitter body art because it’s creative, beautiful, safe and so easy to do.


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Glitter Tattoo Kit

Retail: $ 24.95

Sale Price: $19.95

“ It's so Easy. Anyone can do it.”
No Artistic Skills Needed!

Large Selection of glitter tattoo kits – multiple brands

What Makes Your Glitter Tattoos So Special?  How Do I Know That They Are Any Good?

Because we test them! every day, hundreds of times, on real customers, and in many locations!

Other companies who sell glitter tattoo kits might simply outsource their products from a manufacture. Their choices of ingredients, designs, colors, safety and quality are typically based on the manufacture recommendations.

At GlitZGlam we do things a little different: In addition to marketing our products on the web, we operate kiosks at shopping malls.  Each location features a glitter tattoo station where children, teenagers and adults can relax and get a beautiful tattoo on the spot.  We provide hundreds of people with glitter tattoos every single day, 7 days a week and most locations are open from 10 AM to 9 PM.

In the process of applying so many tattoos we are constantly learning how to make things better.  How to improve the designs.  Which color combinations work best.  Which stencils are better to work with and Which ingredients are applied easier.  Which body adhesive dries out faster and which one remains fresh for a long time.

There are many factors that determine the quality of your glitter tattoo kit.  It’s not just about designing a beautiful packaging as there is a lot involved. Safety for example is taken very seriously at GlitZGlam:

Our glitter tattoo products have gone through extensive specialized testing by a certified 3rd party laboratory for any trace of materials / ingredients that could be hazardous (such as lead and phthalates) especially for children. We have tested every single elements in our kits from the glitters and body adhesive to the brushes, containers and packaging materials. Even the paint on the brushes handles was scraped and tested for any form of unsafe ingredients. Our products are CPSIA certified (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) and are absolutely safe to apply on the skin.

But we didn’t stop there. We have also tested our glitter tattoo products for any form of allergic reactions (HRIPT.) The Human Repeat Insult Patch Test is a clinical and safety study conducted over a period of several months where the products are tested and retested on a large number of applicants of various ages, ethnicities and skin type. Any possible reactions are carefully measured and recorded. The results of our testing were 100% negative and not a single applicant has experienced any form of discomfort, redness, itchiness or any allergic response to the products.

In addition, the products were fully evaluated by clinical dermatologist and deemed true hypoallergenic.

So when you purchase GlitZGlam products online or at a store – rest assure that you are making the absolute safest choice for your skin and the skin of your loved ones.

See our entire Glitter product line here and we look forward to seeing you at one of our locations.

Have fun, smile and show off your new glitter tattoo!